Special-Sightseeing – Pedro

Pedro is an expert in exciting sightseeing tours. In the foreground is the city of Lisbon itself and the numerous sights of the city. Pedro's specialty is to present the city based on a defined theme.

His street art tours are unique. In Lisbon, the street art scene is very vibrant and the city largely supports the street art works on the facades of buildings. Street artists from all over the world come to Lisbon to join the group of represented artists. Pedro knows the HotSpots as well as insider tips in more remote parts of the city.

Just as exciting, as it is unusual, is Pedro's "Mosaic and Tile Tour". You can see the blue, artistic tiles and mosaics in Lisbon everywhere: on the walls of houses, in metro stations, on park benches, etc. The "Azulejos" were originally imported by the Moors to Spain and later to Portugal. In Lisbon, these works of art are still alive and place sightseeing under a particularly exciting theme.

With tours that take you from one artwork to the next, classic sightseeing elements are combined. This combination is a highlight for Lisbon visitors and conveys even more information in a particularly entertaining way.