Ricardo has been working in tourism for over 15 years with a focus on eBike tours. He loves to delight guests for his city Lisbon. Exploring Lisbon on the eBike made a lot easier. The city is hilly and you have to be good by foot if you want to experience the whole city. The electric drive also allows trips into the countryside, e.g. to Sintra, Cascais or the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park. Ricardo knows his city and knows a lot to tell - history, but also about modern Lisbon. His tours are never the same and never just standard. The customer decides what he wants to see in which time and whether he wants to integrate culinary stops into the tour. Of course, different levels of performance are also taken into account. Ricardo responds to requests and implements them in an eventful eBike tour.

The eBikes are modern, well maintained and, of course, technical and organizational back-up solutions are included.